The name “Scapoli” is believed to derive from scopulus (crag) or scapulae (declivity).

The village is a small corner of land in Molise, a small Region in the centre of Italy, surrounded the back by the peaks of the Mainarde Mountains. The community comes over 1600 hectares and its borders get to Rocchetta a Volturno and Colli a Volturno in the East, Castel San Vincenzo in the North and Filignano in the South and West. It includes the mountains: Colle della Forca (601 m), Colle La Forcella (760 m), Mount La Croce (900 m), La Falconara (1017 m), Colle Cardello (1027 m), Mount La Rocca (1042 m), Mount Pantano (1100 m), Mount Castelnuovo (1250 m) and Mount Marrone (1770 m).

The population of Scapoli is spread over a wide area. In addition to the urban centre, there are 16 small villages: Pantano, Vicenne, Collalto, Santa Caterina, Fontecostanza, Cannine, Collematteo, Acquaviva, Sodalarga, Cerratino, Ponte, Fonte La Villa, Vaglie, Padulo, Prato and Parrucce. All these villages manily based the economy of agricultural.

In Ponte and Fontecostanza there are alswo active workshops where bag pipes are handcrafted, making Scapoli the undisputed “bag pipe capital in the world”.

Since 1990 Scapoli has been one of the five Molisan villages in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.