The “Raviolata” and the “Raviolo scapolese”.

The “Raviolata” is a gastronomic event organized to promote the local specialty known as the “Raviolo scapolese” (a ravioli with a special local recipe). This festival was born in 1990 and is held on the last Sunday of Carnival. All of the women in the village participate, gathering to prepare thousands of hand-made ravioli to be eaten during the festival that, through the years, has taken on additional cultural contents. On February 24th, 2010, the “Raviolo scapolese” was officially presented internationally at the Palace of Europe in Brussels as homage to the many emigrants from Scapoli in the World. The Municipal Council of Scapoli, with resolution n. 30 of November 27th, 2010, instituted De.C.O. (Denominazione Comunale di Origine – Municipal Designation of Origin), to protect and better promote the identity-making product par excellence of the Municipality and, simultaneously, request the attribution of the T.S.G. Label (Traditional Specialties Guaranteed).





The “Sagra delle Sagre” and the “Festival dei sapori molisani”.

A food and wine exhibition born in October 2009 to celebrate, in Scapoli, the Pro Loco of the Province of Isernia, made its international debut at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2010, where prestigious guests tasted the principle delicacies from Molise, especially the “Raviolo scapolese”. The participants included the Municipalities of Molise, the Pro Loco, Food and Wine Associations and well-known chefs, who promoted their own specialties.   All promoted by a unique chef, the mascot bear Brunetto, ancient recipes, dishes from transhumance, from farming and middle-class tables, dishes from religious festivities, from maritime tradition, historical dishes and everything else that could be realized with verifiable quality products. The ”Sagra delle Sagre – Festival dei Sapori Molisani” aims to offer guests those dishes that represent the territory, culture and ancient traditions in order to rediscover their authenticity and the desire to promote them.