Artisan workshops

Fontecostanza is the true heart of a unique musical culture that ensures continuity in our style. Here, the last historical Workshops live on, in which the highly skilled Artisan Craftsmen, now the last in Italy, with a particular technique made up of ability, creativity and tradition, having remained secret and unchanged throughout the centuries, create Bagpipes and Shawms (“Fifes”), instruments sought-after and prized both in Italy and abroad for their uniqueness and typicality, therefore contributing to the regeneration of a cultural heritage that is amongst the most fascinating in Italy.

The Bagpipes of Scapoli come in different models that can be identified according to size with the following numbers: 20, 23, 25, 28, 30, 32; the most frequently used is the Bagpipe “25 con chiave”.

A lengthy and laborious procedure, guided by particular and rare instruments, all made by hand by the Artisan and especially created to be able to carve the select wood from olive, cherry and prune trees. It was Benedetto Di Fiore, at the beginning of the 20th century, who stood out for his exceptional artistic talent and who created the “Artisan Workshop”, a resource for Master Craftsmen of today and tomorrow.

Artisan Craftsmen:

  • Benedetto Di Fiore (1)
  • Ettore Di Fiore (2)
  • Gerardo Guatieri (3)
  • Luciano Di Fiore (4)
  • Palmerino Caccia (5)
  • Angelo Guatieri
  • Fabio Ricci (6)
  • Luigi Ricci (7)
  • Paolo Di Fiore (8)
  • Franco Izzi (9)
  • Umberto Di Fiore (10)
  • Romeo Ricci (11)